Refund Policy

Our refund policy helps you claim refund in certain cases. We offer a refund if we do not fulfil your order. We will certainly reimburse the amount that has been charged through credit card; otherwise, you may request for re-shipment. There are certain applied terms and conditions of our refund policy. We do refund in following cases –

  • 100% refund – Delivery of damaged medicinal product and untimely delivery of your order.
  • Free re-shipment – Dissatisfaction with medical product or services, delivery of wrong or damaged product, incorrect dispatch, and any other errors from our side.

Customers are requested to follow below-mentioned steps to avail refund –

  • Call customer care team or send an email
  • Cite the reason for your reshipment or refund
  • Provide order and transaction details
  • The representative will verify every detail and trace your order
  • Refund is processed if order is not dispatched on time or delivered to wrong address