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Generic Claritin (Loratadine) to Treat Allergic Reactions


Generic Claritin is an effective oral medicine that is useful in treating conditions related to allergic reactions. It is an antihistamine medicine that reduces the action of a naturally occurring chemical in the body. It is nothing but the generic version of brand Claritin.

About Medicine

  • Generic Claritin: It is one of the reliable medicines for treating sneezing, runny and stuffy nose, red and watery eyes, hives (skin rashes), itching, and other allergic symptoms. It is also used for treating urticaria i.e. nettle rash, and other skin allergies.
  • Active Drug Composition: Loratadine
  • Drug Mechanism: Generic Claritin (Loratadine) is an antihistaminic drug that reduces the effects of a naturally producing chemical known as Histamine in the body. Histamine is produced when the body experiences allergic reaction. It is responsible for producing symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, headache, nasal congestion, and skin rashes. Hence, it is useful in treating allergic rhinitis and chronic urticaria.
  • Clinical Efficacy: The clinical efficacy of Generic Claritin is quite high in treating allergic rhinitis and urticaria. Hence, physicians usually prescribe this medicine to treat severe cases of allergy.
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Correct dosage

- The ideal dosage of this antihistamine is 10 mg once daily for several days.


  • Generic Claritin is ought to be used only after seeking medical advisor, and follow all the directions for safe use.

  • Take the tablet orally with a glass of water for proper absorption of drug.

  • Do not chew, crush or break the pill, as doing so may hinder the drug assimilation.

  • Take the medicine before going to bed, as the drug is known to produce mild drowsiness.

  • Overdose

  • - If you take two or more tablets at a single time, you are bound to suffer from overdose that need immediate medical attention, as you may feel extreme drowsiness.

  • Missed dose

  • - If you miss your dose, take it immediately, but avoid it if your next dose is scheduled. Never take two doses to cover up the missed dose.

  • Storage

  • - Store Generic Claritin pills away from direct heat or sunlight, and keep them in a cool, dry place.

  • Before treatment

    • Tell your doctor if you are allergic to Loratadine or any other medicine.

    • Inform your doctor is you have history of any medical issues such as asthma, liver or kidney disease, or any other ailments.

    • If you are using any medicines, tell your doctor in advances to avoid drug interactions.

    • Tell your physician if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, as the drug may cause harm to foetus or new-born.

    During treatment

    • Do not indulge in outdoor, risky activities after dosage, as Generic Claritin produces mild to moderate dizziness.

    • Avoid alcohol, as it may trigger the drug reactions such as extreme dizziness or sleepiness.

    • Ask your doctor what kind of foods and beverages can be consumed.


    • Tired feeling
    • Drowsy
    • Stomach ache
    • Dry mouth
    • Headache
    • Feeling nervous


    • Fast heart rate
    • Severe headache
    • Chest pain
    • Breathlessness
    • Skin rashes
    This is not the complete the list of side effects. However, if any side effect persists for longer duration, makes sure you call your doctor right away.


    • Children below 6 years

    • People allergic to Loratadine or Desloratadine

    • People with severe liver or kidney dysfunction

    At what time should I take Generic Claritin?

    It can be taken at any time of the day. However, doctors prefer it to be taken before going to bed. That`s because the drug is known to produce dizziness and mild headache.

    Can I take Generic Claritin with food?

    You may take the dose with or without food. But make sure you take the pill with a glass full of water.

    What happens if you take more than one dose?

    You are more likely to suffer from overdose symptoms such as extreme drowsiness, headache, and fast pounding heart rate.

    Does this antihistamine provide quick relief?

    Yes, it starts within an hour of oral consumption, thereby providing prompt relief from allergies.

    Can I buy Generic Loratadine online safely?

    Yes, you can get Generic Loratadine online at a very cheaper rate. Just make sure you choose a reliable online pharmacy that deals in FDA-approved drugs.

    Generic Claritin

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    Generic Claritin is a very strong medication that helped me out of hives. I wanted to get rid of this allergic symptoms soon. After some research, I came across Generic Claritin the most effective drug for managing allergies. It gave me good results and I

    Allergic rhinitis is one of the most discomforting condition that affects your daily activity. Luckily, my roommate introduced me to Generic Claritin. He had ordered it from an online pharmacy. Within a day I was feeling better and it helped to come out o