Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Medications

Question MarkHow to place an order?

Browse website to select your product. Make an account with us by registering yourself, and then follow the payment gateway. After placing order, you will receive medicine within predetermined time. You can also make order by calling us on toll-free customer care number.

Question MarkWho will take care after I order a product?

Once you are done with the payment, we forward your order to the pharmacy for processing. It takes care of secure packaging and timely shipping. We will inform you about the same via e-mail.

Question MarkCan I track my order?

Yes, you surely can. You can track information by contacting our customer care department. Our representative will give you the necessary information about order such as tracking number and whereabouts.

Question MarkCan I cancel the order later on?

Yes, you can. For cancelling order, you need to approach customer support team via toll-free number or email within 24 hours of placing order. After 24 hours, you cannot cancel the order.

Authenticity of Medications

Question MarkDo you sell authentic quality medicines?

Yes. We keep quality as one of our top-most priorities. We deal only in FDA-approved medicinal drugs. In addition, all the medicines listed on our website are purchased directly from the leading drug manufacturers. Therefore, you can trust on the high quality of medicinal drugs sold here.

Question MarkAre generic medicines as effective as brand medicines?

Yes. Generic medicines are similar to brand medications. They both have same primary medicinal drugs. So you can surely trust on the effectiveness of these medications.

Question MarkWhy are medicines sold here so cheap?

The medicines sold here are cheap compared to brand medicines, as we sell generic medications. Both the medicines contain same therapeutic drug. Branded medications are costly, as they deal in clinical research, promotion, marketing, advertising, and their costs. Generic medicines do not have to undergo these costs, and thus they are cheaper.

Question MarkCan I rely on these medicines?

Yes, you can. We buy all medicines directly from pharmaceutical companies and list only the medications that are pre-approved by the Food and Drug Administration for effective treatment.


Question MarkWhat are payment options for making purchase?

You can choose any of the payment option from Credit Card or echeck with whichever you are comfortable.

Question MarkCan I rely on you by providing my credit card details?

Yes, you can surely trust us. We have incorporated latest safety techniques, which safeguards all your information. Nobody can have access to your information except you and higher authorities of our company. This way you are always safe from any kind of online infringements while shopping from us.

Question MarkAre there any hidden charges involved?

No hidden charges are involved. We believe in absolute transparency, and we do respect your hard-earned money.

Question MarkDoes any kind of service or sales tax is debited?

No. We do not deduct any extra money from our customers.

Shipping & Delivery

Question MarkDo you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship medications all over the world. We excel in our doorstep delivery. However, the duration of delivery may vary according to the place where you want delivery. You can be assured that we will provide product within predetermined time.

Question MarkDo you have free shipping?

Yes. We provide free shipping for orders that are in bulk. We have free regular shipping (15 to 21 working days delivery) for orders above £100 and free express shipping (7 to 12 working days delivery) for orders above £250.

Question MarkWhat precautions you take while shopping?

We follow all the protocols and guidelines while packaging and shipping, so that you receive a safe and secured product. We check expiry, proper quality, secure packaging, and safe shipping, so that the order reaches you safely.

Prescription Policy

Question MarkDo I need a medical prescription for buying medicines?

Yes, it is essential if you are buying a prescribed drug. It is important that you provide a proper medical prescription before buying prescribed drugs.

Refund Policy

Question MarkWill you refund money if I don't receive order on time?

Yes, we will refund your money if we fail to deliver product on time. However, you need to check our refund policy for further details. You have to contact our team and check regarding the refund procedure.

Question MarkIf I'm not satisfied with effect of medicine, then will I get refund?

We are sorry, but in such cases, we won't be able to refund money. It is because your medical practitioner has prescribed you this medicine, we are merely a supplier. Hence, we advise you to consult doctor before ordering any pill.

Question MarkIf I receive wrong order, then will I get money back?

In any such case, we will first verify each detail. If mistake is from our side, then you can either opt for re-shipping the ordered product without shipping charges or ask for refund. But if fault is from your side, then we are sorry; we won't be able to help you out.

Question MarkIf I receive expired product, then will I get my money back?

We haven’t faced any such situation before, as we check expiry date before packaging. However, if you receive any such product, then you might call our customer support team. In such cases, you can ask of re-shipment or refund, depending on policy.