Everything You Need to Know about Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Male impotence or ED is an inability of men to get harder arousal for performing successful sexual act. It is caused due to poor or insufficient blood supply towards the male reproductive organ. Inadequate blood flow does not support rigid phallus erection, thus keeping men away from sexual activity. There are many underlying causes that leads to impotency apart from ageing. Amongst them low blood flow towards the male organ is the top most reason for ED. The other causes that leads the way for impotence are excessive smoking or alcohol consumption, hormonal imbalance, underlying health problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, and neurological issues), unhealthy lifestyle such as improper diet, and obesity. Psychological factors that trigger ED are stress, depression, tension, low self –esteem, performance anxiety etc.

Know in Details about Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

The best and quickest treatment to regain sexual vitality is through erectile dysfunction drugs. The oral tablets are the most common and widely used for restoring sexual life in men. Physicians around the world highly recommend to opt for oral drugs that help men to achieve rigid phallus arousal for experiencing normal sexual life. The oral medications are divided into three categories based upon the main active ingredient i.e. Vardenafil, Sildenafil Citrate, and Tadalafil.

These medicines come under the category of PDE5 inhibitors that helps to rise the cGMP and NO levels in the body after suppressing the enzyme phosphodiesterase type five (PDE5). Hence, the name or category they fall into. This process helps in augmentation of blood throughout the body. Thus, the problem of impotence is corrected with these oral medicaments. Some of the highly prescribed ED drugs are Generic Viagra, Kamagra, Suhagra, Caverta, and Tadalis. These drugs contain the above mentioned main ingredients. They give temporary relief from impotence issues and are safe to use. The FDA and WHO has pre- approved these ED medications. They are specifically designed to treat feeble erection. These medicines come in many different forms such as hard pills, oral jelly, fizz powder, polo tabs, etc. You can get them in different flavors as well.

There are other methods that help to alleviate sexual disorder. These are testosterone replacement therapy, penile pumps, urethral suppository, and penile implants. In some cases physiological counselling is also given to help men have normal sexual life, if the underlying cause of ED is emotional problem. The psychological sessions are taken separately or with their partner to understand the main reason behind the patient’s condition or through which he is going.

However, the best and safest method is oral drugs, as they are easy and affordable solution. Combine it with other important things such as follow and maintain healthy lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle can be a trigger towards male impotency. Therefore, it is important to improve eating and sleeping habits and also to add up physical activity or exercise such as walking, jogging, running and swimming. This will keep a person to stay healthy, active and fit. It is also mandatory to quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption, as these activities hamper blood circulation that eventually leads to impotency issues. Eating right food and performing daily exercise will keep you sexually fit and active and other health issues will remain away.

While taking oral ED medicines ensure to consult a physician before, as they are prescription drugs. The medicine are suitable for men of all age, however the older adults need to take medical advice for dose adjustment. Go through the usage guidelines that comes along with the medication packet, as it is essential to know about the do’s and don’ts while using oral ED drugs. The ED drugs are restricted for men below 18 years of age.

You can purchase the oral ED drugs from online medical shop at reasonable rate. Forget about your ED issues and go for ED medicine to make your sexual life active.

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