Eating with friends may hinder weight loss, study says

A new study conducted on eating habits and individuals following diet to lose weight states that the cravings of eating food increases when involved with other at social gatherings.

The researchers in the session held at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology and Prevention/Lifestyle and Cardio metabolic Health 2017, present the study based on 150 individuals working on their weight loss for a period of 12 months. Out of which 90% were female participants, who were making use of smartphones that was having a customized app. This was carried on in order to keep a track on their daily lives. This method of processing data is called as ecological momentary assessment.

The participants were targeting to reduce the calorie intake on daily basis. Parameters like weight were taken in to consideration and based on that the diet was allotted. Women weighing less than 200 pounds were provided with a diet of 1200 calories intake in a day, while men with 1500 calories. Whereas, individuals weighing more than 200 pounds were supplied with 1800 calories intake for men and 1500 calories intake for women in a day.

Apart from the diet and track on surroundings, their actions towards the eatables was noted, which was not included in their diet. The observations showed, about 60% of diet plan lapse when the individuals were eating in gatherings.

However, the participants also lapsed the diet when encountered other people eating. In other terms, people were likely to stick to their diet when eating alone.

One of the outrageous observations was observed in people who were successful in maintaining their diet, started to regain weight within 6 months.

As stated by Nina Crowley, a bariatric surgery dietitian at the Medical University of South Carolina, people who diet may follow the routine on weekdays but are unable to maintain it on weekends. This is because of lack of planning towards the structured diet.

The best way to plan and stick to a diet is by excluding the forceful implementation on self to follow diet. Additionally, plan your meals before outing with friends, as this will help you to stick to your diet and make wise choice for your health.

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